Nylon plus Nike equals magical kicks this Spring.

A confession from your favorite magazine:  We’ve been keeping a secret
from you guys for a while now, and it’s killing us.  
We’ve been seeing someone.  It’s getting pretty serious.  And we figured
it’s just time to go public and let you know: It’s Nike Sportswear.

We’ve gotten together.  Become inseparable.  The new Bennifer.
You might even say it’s love.  And now, there are sneakers to prove it.
Introducing the new NYLON Nikes.  They’ll be on some of the coolest
girls during Fashion Week, and this June, you can have them all to yourself.

Want to know more about where to get them, who inspired them, and
what they look like up close?  Hold tight for NYLON’s April issue
(which happens to be – ahem – our 10th birthday) and you’ll see all
the NYLON Nikes in their full grown glory.
And sorry about the secret – you understand, right?

Thanx : NYLON

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