Went to MUSE & NANGLEN on the beach party at Pattaya!
– Yes you heard it RIGHT!  I was there! Supersonic was VJ for the event.
Feel like this is not my place, but good that my friend and my brothers
were there too.. they just saved my life! 

img00033-20090308-0100 img00022-20090307-2238
About 1,500 people there..  //  Black Pearl at Pattaya wharf!

img00027-20090307-2242 img00028-20090307-2347
Yong + Me  //  Ice – She’s real party animal! – you can catch her on every parties! 

img00031-20090307-2359 img00037-20090308-0106
Girls  //  STSK + Supersonic

img00029-20090307-2358 img00030-20090307-2358
It was my brother’s Birthday – Happy Birthday Kim! – Love you my lil’ bros.


Up.. and the first thing first is “kai-leaung” or yellow chicken.
We have it on the beachside with “Som-tum” .. hmmmm!!

img00038-20090308-1221 img00041-20090308-1453
Nice horizontal from our suite  //  Hungry man.

img00044-20090308-1456 img00043-20090308-1456 
Honeymoon Couple #1 : Knatz & Pooh //
Honeymoon Couple # 2 : Stargazer & Zing

img00045-20090308-1457 img00042-20090308-1456
:D + ;P  //  Bye Pattaya..!


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