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Fafi’s lips Straw for Fafi’s opening exhibition
“FILE DANS TA CHAMBRE” at Colette, Paris 





This Fafi’s lips Straw was design by Thai designer,
Prima Jakaphan Na Ayudhya for Fafi’s opening exhibition
“FILE DANS TA CHAMBRE” at Colette, Paris 

Description : Famed French artist FAFI is strong presence in the graffiti and
fine art scenes who is known for her images of sexy and liberated girls. 

“I was inspired by her drawing where all the illustrated characters
have a playful pout. I decided to play on this unique feature by
replicating these lips to attach to drinking straws, to invite the
visitors of the exhibition to become a part of her drawings.
When the people drink from the straws, they appear like live
characters in the Fafi atmosphere.”
You see, doesn’t mean Thai Designer always have to copy from other.
Salute for Thai Designer and Their Original Work! 

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