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22nd of November : The Grand Palace, Water Taxi, Blue Velvet

[photo by Darragh]

Unfortunately, The grand palace is closed for Royal family ceremony,
… so we jumped to water taxi tour..

.. we decided to change our schedule a bit.. so we got time to swim at the hotel! :)

Then.. Blue Velvet with DJ Supersonic.
Lola & me

Darragh so happy with the whisky offered!

[Photo by pengii]

It was a great night, we all dont wanna go home and the bar is kind enough to
extend opening time as long as we like … :)

23rd of November : MBK, Siam Square, Muay Thai, 4 Garcons, Cosmic

Cheese palette and my dessert

Michelle and her make up expert!

Malini, Nowshad and Nick

This is Junior and Piper

I always teasing Junoir “is that YMCA tattoo?” .. Always piss him off

Jan – Doug – Me – Piper – Michelle

4 days pass by so fast, Its time to say good bye already..
It’s was a great experience and It was wonderful 4 days! :)
Thankyou SMIRNOFF!

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