Acquire the youngest graduator from Sydney Graphic College at age 19
in year 2000, Sarila used her multi-talent work in many area of design industry
includes Graphic Designer at advertising agency, Information Architecture at
website company, Textile designer at Greyhound.
After 5 years of gathering experience in Bangkok, Sarila return to Sydney to
continue her study in Advertising Marketing. She also works as senior graphic
designer at Sydney design firm for 2 years.
She got a job as Graphic Designer –
Marketing Communication at Playground! Manga instantly after
come back to
Bangkok. While she work there, she and her partner has established street wear
called “SUPERRZAAAP!” in 2007.
In 2008, first SUPERRZAAAP! Store was found in Siam square, the brand has
quickly become well known as its famous of party and street apparel. As most
of the merchandise and her lifestyle are great related to party and music,
SUPERRZAAAP! Organizer has come across in 2009.

Since then SUPERRZAAAP! is everywhere from street of Bangkok to
all cool club kids to World’s legendary DJs.

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  1. shocker999


  2. Dear Bo.

    We are looking for Bankok Account, and if you are interested in Carrying KIKS. Please let us know.


  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. liking your posts, and want to see if you like to get basserk records promos, maybe your gonna love em.

  5. Thankyou!!
    i’d love to!
    Thankyou so much! :)

  6. how do i get them to you?, please give me an email ;)

  7. bankmango

    dear P’Bo

    may i follow ur blog & twitter???
    i really like ur blog so much… there’s million of cool stuff :)
    PS. do u remember me??? i’m N’Bank from PG! jaa :)

    BANK :)

  8. Hi N’Bank!!

    Of course I can remember you! How r u? Thanks for follow my blog, this is my twitter I’d ‘superstarski’ and my store’s ‘SUPERRRZAAAP’

    Its good to catch u up again!! ;)


  9. Wadee jaaa ^_^ Greetings from Singapore ! \m/ May we blog foreva!

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