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Yo! haven’t update for a week, I was off for holiday in Macau.
The first 3 days, i stay at The venetian, Macau. – This place
is massive!!! Pipe and Park catch me up in Hongkong, after mom
back to Bangkok. We stay for another 4 days.

On last day, Pipe and Park back to BKK from HK airport while,
i have to travel back to Macau by ferry to catch a flight back to BKK.
The Typhoon signal was in level 1 in the morning and up to level 3
when i was about to on board. The trip was very tough and rough!
It took 1 hrs to get to Macau, i get off, rarely find taxi, i get on
shuttle bus to The Venetian Hotel, change to airport bus.
I was so exhausted!

Arrive airport, i can feel the smell of home! Rushing to the
check-in counter! – find out that all flight has been cancelled!
because of Typhoon has reach level 8 now. There’s no Bangkok
Airways counter in the airport and the information counter was
not helpful at all! My mobile phone battery is running low, my
2 laggages are very heavy! my credit card is full – i got very low
budget now.

i start to freaking out! The cloest hotel was fully booked! Finally i got
a room at Hotel Taipa Square. I have to get to the hotel as soon as possible
before the traffic close.

I was standing in taxi line for almost an hour, with heavy rain and great
windy. The taxi not going anywhere if you not give them big quid.
I have to pay $100 in stead of $15, at that moment i’d pay whatver
price! Arrrive hotel in 10 minutes and that moment, i love my home
than i ever know.

Afterall Typhoon  is gone in the next morning, can’t wait to get home!
miss you BKK! :)



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