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It’s been a while since i feel happy and so overwhelm like this..
It was my brother’s friend who i can call him ‘brother’ and my friend’s wedding.
This is my first wedding planner, and i really happy all the way from
beginning thru the end. I don’t know how to describe, when the bride and
the groom hug me and say thankyou…
and when the bride’s dad hugging me so tight and telling me how happy he is..
and wishing that that night is never end.
It’s truly happy moment, it’s a night to remember. July 16th, 2010.

Here is some pics to share.. start with morning ceremony.

Then.. the evening reception.. and after party..

it’s a girls thing.. indeed..

Then after party start!!

me and skoobadoo

me and Mr. Dj :)

That’s my dad with stripe tee in the middle, who refuse to go home
with mom, he love the party! .. too much!

One last moment… the bride and her dad..  no need to say… ♥

For the record, we drank 64 bottles of black lebel, 5 sparkling wine
in 3 hrs..  that was crazy.. absolutely mad.. and it was totally ..
“a night to remember..”
Congratulations to H’Keak & Nance again! ..love you!

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I gotta finish this.. but i can’t decide which one.. so which one?

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IMG01964-20090821-0454 IMG01960-20090820-2145

6776_1198400432809_1012459531_621025_6455823_n 6776_1198400512811_1012459531_621027_7381375_n

6776_1198400672815_1012459531_621031_1390757_n 6776_1198400792818_1012459531_621034_5250043_n

6776_1198400952822_1012459531_621038_3949289_n IMG01977-20090821-1742

IMG01976-20090821-1531 6776_1198402112851_1012459531_621065_2496510_n

IMG01967-20090821-0854 IMG01968-20090821-0900

6493_128938861910_634291910_3003581_3334102_n 6493_128938871910_634291910_3003582_2227246_n

5773_127579976910_634291910_2984509_7696858_n 6493_128938841910_634291910_3003578_7597964_n

6493_128939331910_634291910_3003592_2317925_n 6493_128939891910_634291910_3003600_7870660_n

6493_128939306910_634291910_3003588_4223231_n 6493_128938831910_634291910_3003576_394971_n

6776_1198403272880_1012459531_621093_1542043_n 6776_1198403312881_1012459531_621094_1698136_n

IMG01971-20090821-1123 IMG01997-20090822-1310

IMG01999-20090822-1555 IMG02000-20090822-1555

IMG01992-20090822-1059 IMG02005-20090822-1606

IMG02008-20090822-1745 IMG01980-20090821-1802

6493_128939286910_634291910_3003584_6518495_n 6493_128939916910_634291910_3003604_4854380_n

6493_128939951910_634291910_3003610_1629406_n DSC09573

DSC00188 DSC09868

6493_128939296910_634291910_3003586_150462_n DSC09927

thesea1 DSC09909

IMG02032-20090823-1236 IMG02038-20090823-1404

IMG02042-20090823-1407 IMG02012-20090822-1750

IMG02007-20090822-1631 IMG02002-20090822-1603

my happy-g0-lucky time.. :)  me ♥ skoobadoo!

6493_128938826910_634291910_3003575_3189461_n IMG01987-20090821-1851


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