It’s my honor to be Bangkok host for ‘Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Blogger
Summit’. There’re 14 people from around the world, My job is to take them
around and experience most of Bangkok in 4 days! and 4 nights!
.. Let see how we roll! :)

20th of Nov : Welcome to Thailand

Dinner at Suk 11 Restaurant then Party at Bed Supper Club afterward

this is how we end…. (somewhere only we know)

21st of Nov : TCDC, JJ Market, Lebua Hotel, State Tower

TCDC : Spirit : “Creatives and Beyond”

The exhibition talk about how people turn Fear and Believe of ‘Spirit’ into
Money. As we know, Fear is part of human condition. It is a source of many
of the rules that bind society together, and it can be a source of inexhaustible
wealth for the people of Thailand. Also the conflict of Technology that grow
so fast thus, believing in superhuman and spirit still very powerful in our

We burn Paper shoe, Paper money, Paper house and Paper car etc.,
In order to send to death people for them to use in heaven..
see they even have LV Multi Color Monogram Ballet Shoe!

then .. JJ Weekend Market..

Dinner at Breeze – Lebua hotel, State Tower

Luckily, it’s Loy-Krathong Day, we get to see 360 degree Firework

day 3 and 4 continue next post! .. :)

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It’s tonight! The night that the whole world
been looking forward to! BE THERE!

Smirnoff invites you to be a part of the global phenomenon
where we subvert the norm to create an extraordinary experience!

Dirty Vegas : UK
HeartsRevolution : USA
Raymond Hajj : Lebanon
Monton Jira : Thailand

27 NOV 2010 // 9 pm onwards // at BDS Terminal
Invitation only + Bring your ID!

BDS Terminal Map (Suksawat Road)
Contact : 086.328.4001 for more info

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One night , 14 countries, “The world swaps nights”.
Smirnoff bringing you an unexpected experience in
“Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project”, The night that
14 container filled up with ideas, culture, and concept
will be swaps.

Here’s the full list of swaps:
Australia – SYDNEY swaps with Brazil – SÃO PAULO
Argentina – BUENOS AIRES swaps with Ireland – DUBLIN
Canada – TORONTO swaps with India – BANGALORE
Great Britain – LONDON swaps with USA – MIAMI
Germany – BERLIN swaps with South Africa – CAPE TOWN
Lebanon – BEIRUT swaps with Thailand – BANGKOK
Poland – WARSAW swaps with Venezuela – CARACAS

USA sending Pharrell Williams and N*E*R*D to swapping
with UK’s Blighty, Sydney will get Bonde do Role from
Brazil while German sending Monika Kruse to South Africa
exchanging with their eclectic Gazelle. And for Bangkok,
Luckily we have a big combo!! Lebanon sending us Raymond Hajj
with extra bonus from New York, Heartsrevolution and
Dirty Vegas from UK – rocking our town.

Well, well, well .. how can we miss this! … NO WAY!

“Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project”
Saturday 27th of November 2010

More detail see : Smirnoff Thailand Facebook

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